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Ariete 4619 Oven Air Fryer 11l

Ariete 4619 Oven Air Fryer 11l

The Ariete 4619 electric fryer fries and cooks in a healthy way and respecting the environment: with the hot air technology it fries evenly without fats and with the stacked grids it cooks more dishes...

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The Ariete 4619 electric fryer fries and cooks in a healthy way and respecting the environment: with the hot air technology it fries evenly without fats and with the stacked grids it cooks more dishes without releasing smoke.
INFORMATIONElectric air fryer – Ariete 4619 – black
With Airy Fryer Oven you will have a multifunctional appliance in the kitchen with which to prepare different dishes, even at the same time, and which ensures healthy cooking with a reduced fat content, perfect for any nutritional need. With Airy Fryer Oven, you can set 8 programs recommended for cooking fries, desserts, fish, chicken on the spit, skewers, red meat, chicken, shellfish, but you will also find all the tips of the Aries team for cooking many other dishes, with the right cooking times and the recommended temperature , to always get the best possible result.

-Air fryer for oil-free and smoke-free frying
The air fryer, in fact, thanks to the high temperature reached (up to a maximum of 200 ?) and al constant circulation of hot air at 360 ? inside the appliance, allows you to fry without oil and to obtain a crisp and healthy frying. Thanks to the rotating basket supplied, with the Airy Fryer Oven air fryer, you can prepare tasty French fries for the whole family, using just one tablespoon of oil, but without giving up the crispy taste typical of French fries in the traditional oil fryer. The air technology will also prevent the spread of strange odors in the house when you fry, because it does not smoke and the odors do not go out to the outside of the fryer. Air frying also allows you to save money and make a healthy choice for the environment as well: you will not produce waste oil, one of the waste with the highest environmental impact and difficult to dispose of.

-Electric oven with rotisserie for spit-roasted chicken
Airy Fryer Oven is not only an air fryer, but at the same time also an electric oven, with which you can prepare many dishes using the browning, toasting, grilling and gratin functions. You will have 3 grills that you can use at the same time, cooking different dishes at the same time and thus saving on meal preparation time. Thanks to the internal light, you can always keep under control the cooking of food, both in the air fryer and oven function. Using the rotisserie you can prepare the spit-roasted chicken or meat of your choice at home, thanks to an automatic rotating system incorporated in the air fryer. Once the cooking is finished, cleaning the Airy Fryer will be very simple, because you can disassemble the door and clean the removable grease and crumb tray.

-Airy Fryer Oven also has the defrost and defrost function
Drying food at home with Airy Fryer Oven is simple and you can prepare dried mushrooms, but also fruit and vegetables of all kinds, to garnish your dishes with the dried ingredients of your choice. Thanks to the defrost function, you can also quickly and safely defrost any frozen dish: it will be immediately ready to be cooked in the electric oven!

– Not just fried
Airy Fryer Oven also thinks about dessert! With the air fryer you can also prepare desserts, cakes and muffins in a short time and without turning on the traditional oven. In 15 minutes you prepare many delicious sweets such as the classic American blueberry muffins, soft and tasty.

Product Specs:
-Model 4619
-Code 00C461900AR0
-Power 2000 watts
-Capacity 11 liters
-Adjustable temperature 80 ? – 200 ?
– 60 minute timer
-grids: dimensions 25.60 cm x 22 cm
Product internal dimensions:
– (wxdxh) 26 cm x 24 cm x 17 cm
External dimensions of the product:
– Length 32 cm
-Width 34 cm
– Height 38 cm
-Weight 7.94 Kg